The Struggles of Dating

1. You’re over being single

giphy (63)

2. You get all dressed up, you’re lookin’ good, and you’re gonna find your soulmate tonight

giphy (61)

…But you realize, theres no one to look good for unless your interested in the weirdo dancing in the corner alone.

giphy (47)

4. You meet a nice, normal person that seems to like you too

giphy (64)

And you go on a second date, and they turn out to be much different than you thought they were…not in a good way

giphy (53)

5. Then theres the ones who you like, but it’s just not working out. 

giphy (57)

6. Sometimes you think you meet the one, but they turn out to be awful.

giphy (59)

7. Maybe its you?

giphy (55)

..But you’re a classified hottie, so obviously it isn’t..

giphy (65)

8. I mean you’re in high demand, just maybe not from the ones you want:

giphy (60)

9. So you try a dating app: 

Who you thought you’d get:

giphy (67)

Who you really got:

giphy (32)

10.  You’re just gonna enjoy being single for a while

giphy (25)

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